Gift of Hope Tree Alternative Giving Activity

This Christmas, give the gift of hope with Catholic Relief Services’ Gift of Hope Tree alternative giving activity!

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Gift of Hope Tree Activity

The Gift of Hope Tree activity invites children and families to reflect on how Christ was born into poverty, and how this relates to the reality of many other families around the world today. Participants will consider what gifts the Holy Family might have needed and how those gifts compare to what people who live in poverty might need. They will assemble Gift of Hope Tree ornaments, which feature donations in the form of gifts, allowing CRS to provide for people around the world. This activity is appropriate for grade school students and families and can be used in a variety of settings, including religious education classes, family catechesis or an intergenerational gathering.

If your parish or school already coordinates a giving tree activity for your local community, consider adding these Gift of Hope Tree ornaments to your tree and inviting people to remember their local and global family at Christmas.

Make an Online Donation for a Gift of Hope

To make an online donation for a gift, please click on an item below. You will be redirected to a Gift of Hope donation page for the selected item. You can add additional gifts to your cart from the donation page.

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  1. […] Some organizations will tell you exactly what your gift will do — and show you how far a little can go. Buy a goat or a water buffalo for a community through Heifer International. (After all, how many water buffalos will be under your Christmas tree this year?) Or give a gift of a well, new farm equipment or emergency shelter through Catholic Relief Services. (Really into this one? Check out these great activities from CRS specifically for faith communities this Advent! And don’t forget to put up your Gift of Hope tree!) […]

  2. […] A fabulous alternative giving program called “Tree of Life” – honestly, most of the people on my gift list this year may be receiving things like “two bags of fertilizer” or some “mosquito nets” – what I love about this tool is the fact that CRS has created a whole Facilitator’s guide so that this resource will be very easy to use in parishes and classrooms. Wondering what to get ME for Christmas? I’d love a lamb, a handwashing station, or (if you really love me) even “a cow”! […]