Nicaragua Coffee Basket

Photo By: Michael Sheridan/CRS

CRS Fair Trade Coffee

Serve Coffee that Serves Others

CRS provides direct assistance to coffee farmers overseas and supports them by promoting fair trade here in the United States. We do this through the CRS Fair Trade Network – more than a dozen coffee partners who ensure their product agreements with disadvantaged farmers and workers uphold the standards of fair trade.  We also provide technical and financial assistance to help farmers improve farming, harvesting, and processing techniques so they can meet the demands of the market.

Coffee Farmer Stories

Not Just About the Coffee

Fair Trade Coffee Strategy Secures Farmers’ Profits

While all of our coffee partners are able to ship across the US, we encourage you to care for God’s creation and cut down on your carbon footprint by ordering from the coffee partner closest to you.  Please use the map below or the menu to the right to browse for the closest dose of java!

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