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CRS Fair Trade Community Orders

Shop with friends and celebrate your Catholic values by placing a CRS Fair Trade Community Order!

Simply set up an account, gather the individual orders of your friends and family, then submit one order as a group. For example, you could collect orders when you host a chocolate tasting at your parish, or at celebrations in your own home. You could also make it pre- or post-order as part of your consignment sale (don’t worry, we still offer those!).

Community Orders are a great way for a parish or group to engage in economic justice in a tangible way. You can help your community learn more about how fair trade relates to our faith by checking out our resources on Catholic social teaching and our Advent faith formation resources. These links include prayers and reflections that can be used when your community gathers to place or pick up their orders.

Request a Free Informational Packet

With a CRS Community Order of $300+ you will receive:

Check out this brief video to learn more about holding a Community Order!

How to Place Your CRS Community Order!

Step 1: Plan 

 Step 2: Place Your Order

Step 3: Party!

We’d love to help! Please reach out to CRS Fair Trade with any questions! 

1.800.685.7572 – orders@serrv.org