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CRS Fair Trade Community Orders

Shop with friends and celebrate your Catholic values by placing a CRS Fair Trade Community Order!

Simply gather the individual orders of your friends and family and submit them as a group. For example, you could collect orders when you host a chocolate tasting at your parish or at celebrations in your own home. You could also make it pre- or post-order as part of your consignment sale (don’t worry, we still offer those!).

Orders will ship to one address, giving you an excuse for a party to hand them out and exchange gifts!

With community orders, you will get:

How to Place Your CRS Community Order!

Step 1: Plan 

 Step 2: Place Your Order

Step 3: Party!

We’d love to help! Please reach out to CRS Fair Trade with any questions! 

1.800.685.7572 – orders@serrv.org


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