Fair Trade Fund

Palestinian Awad Abu Sanola cuts olivewood in the Shepherd's Field Workshop in Beit Sahour, West Bank, September 25, 2007. The Shepherd's Field Workshop works with The Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society in Beit Sahour, West Bank, September 25, 2007. The society was established in 1981 to counter the deterioration of the local handicrafts industry brought on by the Israeli occupation. CRS buys the handicrafts through SERV Fair Trade Organization.

Photo By: Debbie Hill/CRS

Help People Help Themselves

Increase the impact of your purchase. For every purchase you make from CRS partners, a percentage is donated back to the CRS Fair Trade Fund. CRS invests this money into projects overseas to strengthen worker cooperatives, their products, and access to markets.



Current grantees:

Work Shop RenovationHoly Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation: CRS together with our partners Serrv and Ten Thousand Villages contributed $24,900 towards the complete renovation of 6 olive wood workshops in the Holy Land, benefiting 225 workers and their communities. Workshops were transformed from un-safe, un-healthy work spaces to beautiful work spaces with proper ventilation, lighting, and safety equipment. The one-of-a-kind olive wood nativities and mother of pearl crosses are just some of the products these artisans produce and now they are producing them under much better conditions!


Lubhu workshop 4


Former grantees:

Adel member

Adel Fair Trade is a non-governmental organization that CRS helped establish in Palestine.  Its mission includes helping vulnerable women and disadvantaged farmers produce healthy products such as goat cheese and lemonade, while offering a fair price.  The Adel project  received $150,000 in support over three years and is now a self sufficient fair trade business supporting it’s workers from the money generated from product sales.