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Host a Consignment Sale

Put Your Hands to Work for Justice

When you or your organization host a Consignment Sale in your community you are doing invaluable hands-on work to help create employment for disadvantaged artisans and farmers.  These Sales are usually one-time events that are fun to hold on their own or in combination with another event.

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Benefits of a CRS Consignment Sale:

Check out this brief video to learn more about hosting a Sale!

Step-By-Step Guide to Hosting a Consignment Sale with Links to Forms

These steps will guide you to organizing a fun and successful sale.  All of the documents referenced are also available in hard copy using our Information Packet, which can be mailed to you free of charge.


  • Start planning now. Choose a date and location. Ask friends, family, organizations or youth groups to participate.
  • Review the consignment program.  You get a 10% discount off the retail price of handcrafts and foods and you can return handcrafts that do not sell (excluding food and gift baskets).
  • Plan to place your order 3-4 weeks prior to your sale date. Consignment orders will be shipped 2-3 weeks before your sale from a warehouse on the East coast. Please allow for extra shipping time during October and November as order volume tends to be heavier.
  • Fill out and fax, mail or email in the Account Information & Sales Agreement Form.
  • Prepare your order using the catalog and the Consignment Sale Order Form . You can also download the Consignment Sale (Excel) Order Form for easy ordering as well.
  • Fax, post or email your order form to Serrv (check Shipping Costs if your order is under $300 or more than 50% food).
  • Orders can also be placed online by logging in here.
  • If an item is out of stock, it will not be included in your order and you may receive less merchandise than you expected.  Check here to see if items are currently available.  Or, simply order a pre-selected package so you know exactly what and how much you will receive.  Call 1-800-685-7572 to talk to Customer Care about this option or email
  • Read sale tips from consignment sale hosts around the country.


  • Spread the Word!  Promoting your sale is the key to success.
  • Receive your order from Serrv.  An invoice will be enclosed in your shipment. Read the Return Packing Guidelines and be sure to keep the original packing materials as you unpack the boxes.
  • Ensure that your order is complete. If any items are missing, extra, or damaged, complete and return the Adjustment Form included in your shipment.
  • Set up your Sale.  Previous Sale holders have found having the following items on-hand to be helpful:  tables, paper, cash box with change, pens, calculator, tape, tablecloths, cameras, garbage bags, scissors, and shopping bags.
  • Make an attractive display highlighting everything that is available.  Unwrap at least one of every item.  Consider using tablecloths and putting small boxes beneath them to showcase handcraft at different levels.
  • Arrange a cash box, calculator and start-up cash for making change.  All checks should be made out to your organization.  You submit only one check for the full amount to Serrv for payment at the end of the Sale.
  • Have promotional materials and resources from CRS Fair Trade available for each guest.
  • Arrange for multiple volunteers to help during the sale – at least one to answer questions, one to box up purchases and one to collect money.  Depending on the size of your sale, you may need additional volunteers.
  • Set a goal to sell at least 80% of the merchandise you order.  The more you sell, the more the artisans and farmers benefit.


  • Mail one check, made payable to Serrv, for the amount that you sold.  If your calculation differs from the total once your returns are processed, your account will be billed or credited for the difference. Send your check in the provided envelope within 10 days of the date of your sale.  For prepaid consignment orders, your credit card will be credited when your returns are processed.
  • Be sure to use the instructions enclosed with your order for free return shipping with a Fedex label from Serrv.
  • You will be sent monthly statements showing the balance on your account. If you have sent in your returns and payment for items sold, but the credit does not yet appear on your statement, please disregard the statements until the credit is shown. It may take up to 8 weeks to process your returns.
  • Tell us about your sale! E-mail your story and photos to
  • Celebrate!  You’ve made a difference in the lives of people around the world.